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Joseph BOYER

21st May 17061 -

Life History

21st May 1706

Born in Montreal, Canada.1

4th Jun 1736

Married Marie Francoise SENECAL in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.2

8th Apr 1737

Birth of son Joseph BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

19th Aug 1738

Birth of son Pierre Antoine BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.2

20th Oct 1739

Birth of son Antoine Amable BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

27th Nov 1741

Birth of daughter Marie Hypolite BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

31st Mar 1743

Birth of son Francois Benjamin BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

2nd Jun 1744

Birth of daughter Marie Madeleine BOYER in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

24th Oct 1754

Birth of son Joseph Marie BOYER in St. Constant, Quebec.


  • Info shared by Dr. Andra J Boyer in 2003 email


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